About me

Howdy, fellow visitor! Just look around – there is a lot to discover!

Who am I?

My name is Danny. I have a lot of interests, some of which I give more care to than others. The ones I care about a lot are programming and cooking, photography (since a year) and especially that one thing I don’t have a word for. I just call it summarized “Get some broken things for as little money as possible, take them apart and fix them”.

Why schmatzler.de / OSC One?

schmatzler.de has already been born in 2008. I got the nickname “schmatzler” even sooner – some funny guys at the school I attended in my early years called me that all the time. The nickname received so much attention that even today some people call me that way. Naming my personal blog in the same way was just obvious.

OSC One was started in 2011 as a rough concept. At that time I had nothing to do, but instead of staring holes into the ceiling I decided to do something that made more sense.

I had a big interest in doing amateur movies. Short movies don’t have to be bad and can be shot with very little effort and without using the latest technology.

So I put my sweat into repairing cameras for a few weeks, rounded up some good friends and gave it a go. Most of the people lost interest very quickly and the project ebbed in the sand. What was left: A lot of good equipment, experience in handling cameras and the name OSC One.

Where and what do I shoot?

I just love the night. There is nothing more beautiful than empty streets that aren’t crowded with cars (just from time to time, a single one comes along), comfortably smoldering lights and fresh, unconsumed air. The night has always been special to me and because of that, I am mostly taking photos in the darkest hours. I try to get the best impression of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

But even during the day my camera is almost always in the pocket. Whenever I see something interesting, it gets written onto the SD card.

What do I brag about?

In short: About everything that comes into my mind. Sure, a big interest of mine is taking photos. Because of that I will upload some of my favorite pictures here from time to time.

The other things that get some of my interest are mostly of a technical nature. I will try doing something like repair guides that may help other people with their problems. Additionally, I will take a step into the world of Android, since I own two android phone and I love taking apart their software. In general, my interest in Linux is very high. On the contrary, my interest in Windows is very small. I just had to get my priorities straight! Have fun reading my blog! 🙂