20. November 2014

List of recommended DOS Games

Categories: Fun/Recycle Bin – Ronny Schmatzler 17:08

I just found this on the world wide web – nostalgic feelings fill my heart!

I’m so happy that I still have an old IBM T21 with Windows 98SE lying around. Even the battery still works.

Time to play! :-)


4. November 2014

Blood II: Nightmares – MEGA Mappack 2014

Categories: Internet,Windows – Ronny Schmatzler 16:03

Blood 2 Mappack



This mappack contains 76 maps that were scattered in files all around the web.

I made them into a single package – just copy the .rez file into the “custom” directory inside Blood 2 and select it in the launcher.

Pro-Tip: If you run the map BB_02_CITYHUB, you can start a coop session with a friend :o)

Also take a look at my website, hirnschwund.net – I’m running some dedicated servers there.