25. March 2015

Cutting videos on Linux? Yes, it’s possible.

Categories: Linux – Ronny Schmatzler 01:07

cinelerra-orngThis entry has been written to promote my tutorial videos for the video editor Cinelerra-CV – these videos are in the German language, therefore this article won’t be translated by me.

Take a look on YouTube – if you’re able to understand English, you can find a lot of tutorial videos in that language.


18. March 2015

AdBlock friendly statistics

Categories: Internet – Ronny Schmatzler 16:09

Anti-AdblockAdblock scripts are getting better by the minute.
A lot of the adblock subscriptions kick out CrazyStat nowadays. Their detection mechanism is fairly simple, though. They just search for “stat” in any scripts, divs or image names and block these out.

So all we have to do is to avoid anything with “stat” in the name. Some years back, I installed CrazyStat into a stat subfolder. That doesn’t work well anymore. I renamed it to “zähler”, which is the german word for “counting” – it doesn’t get blocked (for now).

After that, I went to src/include.php and changed some bad references. Make sure to duplicate the stat.php and name it zählen.php afterwards:


Heureka – it works! You can try it out on http://www.kawaii-blog.org in Google Chrome. Install the Adblock extension, enable all filters and you can see that the counter still counts.